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Meet the Sisters

It all started with a passion for cooking and hosting family events; values that were instilled by our amazing mother, Angelina. Coming from a very tight knit Greek family, there is always a reason to celebrate, and each event had to be bigger and better than the one before.  What makes us a great duo is that we each bring a unique skill set, and together we make one kick-ass team... 

Maria is an unbelievable baker, business owner and the supermom of three adorable children.  Having a prelaw degree and a determined personality, there's really nothing this mama can't do (... at least that's what her sister thinks).  Maria fell in love with baking after she made her first tiramisu.  Her family was constantly begging for more, and her home baking quickly blossomed into a very successful business. 

Irini is a restless creative and a recent first time mommy to a sweet little girl.  She is a licensed architect, graphic designer, painter, and maker who wholeheartedly believes that God is in the details.  Her passion for making led to a purchase of a professional laser cutter that she started to use for a wedding services etsy shop.  With a powerful tool at hand, and with a vision of creating the most magical nursery for her little one, Irini fell in love with making larger than life giant paper flowers.

Delicious desserts and magical florals? It didn't take long for the idea to click, that when a baker and a maker come together... it's magic!