Pink & Lace, Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

It seems like yesterday that mom and I set up to design and plan for Irini's shower.  We told ourselves that we would keep this reasonable, and not too crazy...  

HA! who am I kidding, anyone who has met our mom knows that not going overboard is simply NOT an option.

We would split the work.  She would do the food, and I would do the desserts. Under one condition. Neither one of us would interfere on what the other wanted to create.  Challenge accepted! But with both of us having free rein this shower resulted in having 25+ different appetizers and God knows how many desserts... 

We had done this before, but not this big.  This was our first, and I was hooked.  So much love and tradition was put in this event. Baklava flowers, tiramisu, phyllo pastries, cupcakes and traditional greek honey cookies just to name a few... A lot of these can still be found on our catering menu

My little sister is obsessed with details so we made sure everything was personalized and laser engraved...she had to be involved.  

I hope you enjoy the photos of this special event.  Special thanks to our good friend Naomi from  Urban Row Photography in Baltimore, MD. 

For more photos of our delicious desserts and tablescapes, visit our website MySweetArray