Lemon Macarons

Lemon Macarons


The perfect balance of that puckery lemon flavor with a luscious vanilla lemon cream.

One Dozen Macarons

Made fresh daily.

o artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Ever. 

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My Sweet Array macarons are handcrafted and made fresh daily. Macarons are gluten free, made with almond flour and organic eggs, cream and butter. Color may vary slightly from the photos, because of their handcrafted nature. All of our ingredients are sourced locally from Maryland farms.

All deliveries are sent using overnight or two-day service in an insulated cooler-bag with an ice pack to ensure the quality and freshness. Even if the ice pack is no longer cold upon arrival, this is perfectly fine!  The macarons are to be served thawed, and will be the perfect temperature when they arrive at your door. 

Our macarons should be refrigerated upon arrival and consumed within 5-7 days of delivery.  You may also freeze them for up to a month. Thaw them for approximately 10-20 minutes after taking them from the freezer for them to come to room temperature.